Now you have chosen your type of artificial grass, you need to work out your required roll length and quantity. Please then complete our form and one of our team will be in touch to complete your purchase. 

The ordering process


Measuring your space

The easiest way to envisage buying artificial grass, is to think of it like buying carpet for your home. When installing the grass for an unusual shape, you must allow for the fact that there will be some wastage that you will need to cut off. 

 Artificial grass is supplied in the following roll sizes:

4.0 metres wide up to 25.0 metres in length 

2.0 metres wide up to 25.0 meters in length

For example: If you are looking to cover a 6.0m x 9.0m area, you would require 2 rolls; a 4.0m x 9.0m roll and a 2.0m x 9.0m roll.

Please Note: if you are joining 2 pieces of the grass, please remember that it needs to stay in the same orientation as the piece you are attaching it to (this is because much like carpet there is a fibre direction so if its not laid in the correct orientation this will be noticeable). 

Please see the examples below:



Our Supply Form

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1 meter needed for every meter of a join
1 cartridge will cover approximately 2.5 meters of a joint