Why choose an artificial lawn?

Your garden should be an extension to your home wether it’s a place of play for the children, somewhere to relax and entertain in the summer months or a place of exercise and play of man’s best friend.

The fact is the endless maintenance mowing, feeding, watering and weeding, your traditional lawn need is a chore that most people don’t have the time to do.

With our unpredictable weather down here in the south west the majority of the time even during the summer month leaves conventional lawns wet, waterlogged and muddy making them out of bounds for children and pets.


  • Your lawn will be usable 365 days a year (Usually dry enough to sit on within an hour or so after heavy rain)
  • It feels and looks just like real grass
  • No more mud and grass brought inside your home
  • No more mowing, weeding or feeding
  • No more expensive grass feed and fertilisers
  • No watering - hosepipe ban friendly
  • No more waterlogged and boggy lawns
  • Hard-wearing – 15-20 year lifespan
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Non-slip and child friendly perfect for football pitches
  • Ideal for Allergy suffers
  • Your lawn will not be turned in to a muddy mess by children and pets

Due to the nature of its design and the sub base it's installed on, animal mess is easily cleaned and washed, not leaving dead patches as it would on real lawns.